Gary Lane, Principal of LBG Development:

Gary Lane graduated from Arizona State University’s Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, majoring in Urban Planning with an emphasis on Urban Design.  Upon graduation, Gary worked for several years as Senior Planner/Planning Manager in Avondale and Goodyear, Arizona, giving him an in-depth understanding of how municipalities operate. 

For the last ten years, Gary has worked as Senior Project Manager and Vice-President at Aperion Companies. He has entitled over 75,000 single family lots, 5,000 acres of commercial land, and 4,000 acres of industrial property. He has worked on a wide array of projects ranging from a 5 acre subdivision in Scottsdale, Arizona to a large master planned community of over 28,000 homes in Sandoval County, New Mexico. Gary has actively researched and identified markets on behalf of Aperion Companies, and has been instrumental in the acquisition of its major profit-turning land investments. Overall projects under Gary’s management have realized substantial market returns.

Through his solid educational background and many years of experience working within the land development sector, Gary Lane has developed a unique skill-set and model for maximizing a property’s overall worth.  He has a strong work ethic and maintains his clients’ best interests within every financial endeavor.  He is the founder and principal of LBG Development and brings his expertise in land development to you.

  - American Institute of Certified
  - American Planning Association
  - Arizona Planning Association
  - Lambda Alpha International
    Economic Society (Phoenix
  - National Association of Realtors
  - Scottsdale Association of
  - Urban Land Institute (Phoenix

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