Today’s down real estate market provides an unparalleled environment for investment. . .  At LBG we help our clients navigate through the current market conditions to indentify unique opportunities, negotiate the best purchase scenarios and plan disposition strategies.  Our proven evaluation criteria allow us to pin-point those properties holding the strongest return for your investment.

LBG Development provides comprehensive multifunctional land development planning that clearly represents the idea behind the plan.  Our land plans combine critical data and input from the most influential factors:  the physical environment, the regulatory requirements, and the client.  The end result is a quality graphic showcasing your property and all its possibilities.

LBG has been successful in establishing numerous public improvement districts (PIDs) including but not limited to Municipal Utility Districts, CFD’s, TIRZ, SPA, etc. We can identify and establish the best mix of public and private financing vehicles to realize your project's unique finding requirements.

Through its rigorous assessment guidelines, LBG Development will unveil the true value of a property and its development potential. We present our clients with a thorough due diligence overview identifying all surrounding land uses, including current and future infrastructure, and an extensive regulatory review.  Our goal is to give you a complete understanding of the development potential of your property.

With 18 years of municipal experience, LGB Development thoroughly understands the submittal process and how to effectively move through the system.  We call on our vast amount of experience and key alliances within targeted areas of Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas to accelerate you to the next phase of development.  We know how to get your project approved and put you on your way to breaking ground.

LBG development can take on any size project at any stage of the development process.  With over 10 years of experience in project management, we can move your plans forward within the most aggressive timelines and scheduling requirements.  We give our clients peace of mind knowing that their most important investment is managed by a team of profit-driven experts.

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